Post Doctoral Fellow (Visiting Assistant Professor) – Ph.D. Program in Environmental Psychology in New York New York United States   FACULTY VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT As a Post-Doctoral Fellow, conducts research, teaches at undergraduate and/or graduate levels, contributing to academic programs in a specialized discipline. This is a non-tenure track position of limited duration. The Graduate Center defines the standard of […]


An interesting service that allows to compare a few famous cities (London, Paris, Delhi, Tokyo etc.) by different parameters like Housing Density, Population Density, Traffic and others you can find on Urban Observatory. It is a comparison of housing density for Abu Dhabi, Delhi and Paris.  


A great film by William H.Whyte analyzes the most important characteristics that help urban places to become real Social Spaces.  


One more video about Biophilia with a talk of Professor of Sustainable Communities Tim Beatley. This is more practically oriented than the previous one and focused on the connection between cities and nature. Also in the lecture Tim Beatley presented his book – Biophilic Cities: Integrating Nature into Urban Design and Planning. The transcript of the speech […]


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