This public lecture was given by Jan Gehl at the Strelka Institute in Moscow on the 15th of July 2013. It is a more detailed version of the presentation for the study of Moscow that we published earlier.      


  For about a year Gelh Architects worked on research for Moscow preparing recommendations for making the city livable and comfortable for people. The full report is published as a very nice book. On this video you can see a short presentation of the report.    


  Interesting speeches from David Sim (Gehl Architects), Andreas Dalgaard (the director of films “The human Scale” and “Cities on Speed — Bogotá Change”) and architects Rory Hyde and Felicity Stewart at Vivid Ideas festival in Sydney. They talk about Urban Space and how to make it more comfortable for people.    


A short lecture given by Jan Gehl about how to make cities livable for people not for cars.    


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