An interesting service that allows to compare a few famous cities (London, Paris, Delhi, Tokyo etc.) by different parameters like Housing Density, Population Density, Traffic and others you can find on Urban Observatory. It is a comparison of housing density for Abu Dhabi, Delhi and Paris.  


  For about a year Gelh Architects worked on research for Moscow preparing recommendations for making the city livable and comfortable for people. The full report is published as a very nice book. On this video you can see a short presentation of the report.    


  Interesting speeches from David Sim (Gehl Architects), Andreas Dalgaard (the director of films “The human Scale” and “Cities on Speed — Bogotá Change”) and architects Rory Hyde and Felicity Stewart at Vivid Ideas festival in Sydney. They talk about Urban Space and how to make it more comfortable for people.    


This project was presented on the international competition «PARK’ing» – for making up the design of the urban ecological object. I think this is a great idea combining nature and a social space. All the information about the project you can find here.  


The National Open Spaces Sacred Places Awards Program, sponsored by the TKF Foundation, is pleased to announce that it will provide $4.5 million in funding for six projects of national significance. This grant program is unusual in that each project integrates landscape design and empirical research. The collection of exceptional spaces will demonstrate how nearby nature in the city […]


A short lecture given by Jan Gehl about how to make cities livable for people not for cars.    


This International Symposium on Cities, People and Places (ISCPP) aims to address a wide array of inter-related aspects of cities and urban environments from functional aspects and city making technologies to quality of living and character of places. Its objectives are twofold. First, it aims to gather in a fast developing Asian city- Colombo, those […]