The University of Bath invites applications for a full-time University studentship to support and work in our Department of Psychology, alongside the social and cultural psychology research team.   Background When people are asked how worried they are about issues such as climate change or biodiversity, many express concerns and say these are serious issues. However, […]



This webinar, presented by Mardelle M.Shepley (Director of the Center for Health Systems & Design, Texas A&M University), serves as a primer for designers seeking to understand the meaning and implications of evidence-based design as well as provide advanced techniques for the understanding and use of design research.  


Antioch University New England (AUNE) has created a new graduate fellowship in conservation psychology, thanks to an anonymous gift of $50,000. The fellowship, the first of its kind in the country, was announced at the celebration of AUNE’s Department of Environmental Studies’ fortieth anniversary, on November 9. Conservation psychology is the science and practice of […]


American Planning Association recently published QuickNotes about Community Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or CPTED (pronounced “sep-ted”). They presented 10 key principles of CPTED: 1. Natural Surveillance—the design and placement of physical features to maximize visibility and surveillance. Key strategies include the design, placement, and lighting of doors, windows, walkways, gathering areas, roadways, and structures. The objectives are […]


An interesting and useful comparison of prices for Environmental Design/Architecture colleges you can find on CollegeCalc. The prices vary from 18000 in Boston Architectural College to 50000 per year in Cornell University. Full information about these colleges you can find on CollegeCalc.