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Psychology of Music (ISSN 0305-7356) is the journal of Sempre. Since January 2003, Psychology of Music has been published by Sage.

Psychology of Music publishes peer-reviewed papers directed at increasing the scientific understanding of any psychological aspect of music. These include studies on listening, performing, creating, memorising, analysing, describing, learning, and teaching, as well as applied social, developmental, attitudinal and therapeutic studies. Special emphasis is placed on studies, which address the interface between music psychology and music education.

“Without doubt, Psychology of Music is the pre-eminent journal in the field. Its reputation as the source of some of the most sophisticated and elegant research in music psychology has long been unparalleled.” Professor Robert Walker

“… absorbing, well-researched and tidily presented, frequently thought-provoking and stimulating. The range of topics and educational levels covered is wide and varied. Journals like this serve an admirable purpose to make readily available reliable up-to-date research to support and encourage all musicians and teachers in their joint pursuits.” Colin Touchin

“It is my considered opinion that Psychology of Music is now the premier journal of its kind in the world.” Edward P. Asmus

Psychology of Music and SEMPRE provide an international forum for researchers working in the fields of psychology of music and music education, to encourage the exchange of ideas and to disseminate research findings.