NewSchool of Architecture and Design seeks qualified instructors to serve as faculty in the Undergraduate Architecture Program teaching Architectural Design. Appointments will be part-time and will be made on a term-by-term basis. The primary responsibility will be studio instruction / course delivery / and student assessment in the core subject area of Environmental Psychology.

In this course, students will explore the relationship between the environment, people, and their behavior as identified through environmental behavior research and their own observations. Students will learn how to use environmental behavior research to create better functioning and more satisfying environments.


  • Deliver class instruction based on instructional plans to meet course competencies and which support lesson objectives as developed by the Level Coordinator.
  • Promote and facilitate student success by creating an environment conducive to learning and student involvement
  • Provide student support for every aspect of learning in the form of tutorial assistance, coaching, and academic assistance.
  • Participate in one-on-one meetings with the department chair.
  • Foster student success by showing flexibility in style and delivery methods as well as exhibiting a passion for teaching and students interaction.
  • Manage the learning environment through effective record keeping (ie. Attendance Reporting on a class by class basis), submitting grades and assessment reports on time, and enforcing school/campus academic and attendance policies.
  • Participate in one-on-one meetings with the department chair if and when required such as the case of a grade appeal and attend at least one kick-off meeting with the Level Coordinator for that specific year of instruction.

May perform other duties and responsibilities that management may deem necessary from time to time.
Assist the department chairs and other departmental faculty in the hiring and development of part-time faculty.
Any other assistance deemed necessary to promote the program or maintain its teaching delivery at the highest level of quality.

•Advanced degree required or professional registration; or exceptional expertise based on documented experience
•Portfolio of creative, research, professional, school service, and/or community work that demonstrates professional and intellectual achievements
•Proficiency with Microsoft Office products (MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint)

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