Description from Chinese Philosophy and Environmental Psychology Association page:

CEA aims to support people to look for the meaning of their lives and develop peaceful healthy lifestyles by introducing our members the Chinese philosophy and literatures, so as to benefit the community, society and the environment in a more sustainable way.

We believe the four characteristics should be cultivated to contribute:

• Gratitude: Show our gratitude to all human beings and the nature

• Compassion: Have compassion to understand the difficulties of all living beings

• Responsibility: Avoid creating inconvenience to everyone and the nature and take the responsibility to solve social and environmental issues

• Wisdom: Use wisdom to motivate people to solve social and environmental issues

Through regular classes, activities and seminars, our participants will develop skills to pursue a professional career and a meaningful life:
• apply Chinese philosophy to daily lives
• develop compassion and dedication to serve people, protect animals and environment
• learn how to control your desire (e.g. eliminating food wasting and excessive shopping & entertainment)

Together we can make a better world for human beings to live sustainably with all other species.