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Two new links were offered to our attention this time.

1. Environmental Psychology Research Group (HINN, Norway; in Norwegian)

“The research group in environmental psychology works with different parts of environmental psychology, with special focus on environmental behavior and restorative environment.
We have projects about the environment – about the impact and use of natural environments and architecture and also about the work environment and stress. We have projects that deal with environmental behavior, decision-making processes and environmental attitudes – determinants of environmentally friendly behavior, transport choices, perception and understanding of environmental risk, green organizational change, source sorting and environmentally friendly consumption.”

2. Master’s Program in Environmental Psychology (HINN, Norway; in Norwegian)

“Master in Environmental Psychology gives you specialization in interaction between people and the environment. The study focuses in particular on how the physical environment affects human behavior and mental processes, and the importance of nature and architecture. Furthermore, it focuses on how people affect their environment and climate, and how we can promote environmentally friendly behavior.”

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