I just added two more links to the link library.

1. Climate Psychology Alliance

“While the nature of the climate crisis is complex and climate psychology is a developing framework, we have four current priorities in response to the madness of our times.

  1. Developing and publishing research

A number of CPA members are involved in research – see Climate Psychology: On Indifference to Disaster editor Paul Hoggett Palgrave. Contributions cover new methods for exploring lived experience and thinking the unthinkable, including emotional work, reflexivity, social dreaming and collaborative narratives.

  1. Therapeutic Support Network

A network of therapists able to offer support to groups and individuals is now operating in several parts of the country and growing rapidly. One-off sessions are sometimes available at no cost. See our Therapeutic Support List and Map

  1. Through the Door Workshops

We believe there is a need for developing a shared practice that moves beyond the consulting room. Throughout 2019 and continuring online in 2020 we are running workshops for psychotherapists, counsellors and other psychology professionals who want to offer their skills to the wider climate movement.  See our Events page for details

Stepping through the door from the consulting room to the world outside means managing the absence of our usual authority and the vulnerability that comes from letting go of it. When going through this the door therapists bring with them critical skills of holding anxiety, bearing what is feared to be unbearable and thinking, or naming, the unthinkable. Following participation in these workshops members are running Climate Cafés, workshops on better communication, support groups for parents and scientists, training and support for activists and are generally reporting greater confidence in speaking about climate change.

  1. Handbook of Climate Psychology

The Handbook of Climate Psychology is a collective project organised along the lines of Wikipedia – a work of ‘the commons’ that will unfold over time and will,

  • act as a vehicle for deepening our shared understanding of what we mean by ‘climate psychology’
  • provide a valuable online resource for users of our website.”

2. Climate Psychiatry Alliance

“The mission of the Climate Psychiatry Alliance is:

To educate the profession and the public about the urgent risks of the climate crisis and the profound impacts on mental health and well-being. This grassroots collaboration of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals aims to nimbly and creatively educate, advocate, and motivate others to act to protect health and create a sustainable world. We are creating a forum to bring psychiatrists and other mental health professionals together with a collective voice;

  • To provide a vehicle for sharing information, promoting empowering actions, supporting rational responses, and fostering resilience;
  • To provide resources and information to professionals, public and media about the health and mental health impacts of climate disruption;
  • To influence policy through effective advocacy to professional organizations and policy leaders at local, state and national levels;
  • To inform and educate profession and public about best practices to support individual and community mental health and well being in the face of climate change;
  • To establish collaboration with like-minded national and international colleagues and groups.”