A new link was added to the collection – for the Frontiers in Psychology journal, Environmental Psychology section.

This is the description of the section.

The section publishes experimental, theoretical and applied studies of psychological processes engaged in encounters between people and the built and natural environment. It covers all aspects of human behavior and mental life in relation to the sociophysical environment, whether considered as ambient environmental factors (e.g., noise, temperature, lighting), specific behavior settings (e.g., schools, offices, hospitals), the basic infrastructure of everyday life (e.g., energy and transportation systems), or in a broader sense, with regard to landscape and the relationship between built and natural aspects of human environments. Human behavior and mental life include, but are not limited to, perception and cognition, emotion, stress and mental fatigue, and social interactions, as manifest in covert and overt behavior. In brief, this Specialty Section of Frontiers in Psychology provides an outlet for researchers addressing many of the classical concerns of environmental psychology. The Specialty Section will consider thematic collections devoted to specific research topics in people-environment relations. Articles will be selected on the basis of their scientific quality and degree of theoretical and empirical significance. The Specialty Section is managed with the support of the Swedish Area Group in Environmental Psychology.

You can find the journal here.