One more video about Biophilia with a talk of Professor of Sustainable Communities Tim Beatley. This is more practically oriented than the previous one and focused on the connection between cities and nature. Also in the lecture Tim Beatley presented his book – Biophilic Cities: Integrating Nature into Urban Design and Planning. The transcript of the speech you can find on Global Institute of Sustainability’s page. Many of slides that were shown are here.



1. Some other Team Beatley’s books: Sustainable Urban Development Reader (Routledge Urban Reader Series), Green Urbanism: Learning From European Cities, Resilient Cities: Responding to Peak Oil and Climate Change, Ethical Land Use: Principles of Policy and Planning, The Ecology of Place: Planning for Environment, Economy, and Community, Native to Nowhere: Sustaining Home And Community In A Global Age, Green Cities of Europe: Global Lessons on Green Urbanism.

2. If you are interested in the Indicators of a Biophilic City, you can find them in the book Biophilic Cities: Integrating Nature into Urban Design and Planning or on Google.Books.

3. Biophilic Cities site.

4. Forest Bathing.

5. Free-range Kids and Slow parenting.

6. A Better World by Design