I just found a very interesting course “Water and Popular Culture”, created by Greg Pasternack from UCDavis. The videos are in the UCDAvis video library, but they were not in the right order, so it is hard to enjoy the course there.
I inserted the videos here in the order, with the exception of two parts number 6.

You can find more information about the course and the author.

Course Description:
Formal: Importance of water in many aspects of society as revealed through a survey of its depictions in film.
Informal: This class is about a student’s individual quest to find meaning in life through illumination about our own nature, how societies create meaningful events that influence people, and the role of nature, best exemplified by water, in forming the milieu within which people strive, struggle, achieve, or fail.

What Is This Course About?
Hal Niedzvieki Guest Lecture

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